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Necrosaur's uncensored sprites

Gfs 83776 2 3

Necrosaur's North American(censored) sprites

Necrosaur is the boss of the Acid Creatures area in R-Type III: The Third Lightning. It's a Bydo defense organism built into the cellular wall. The only vulnerable point is the large eyeball that moves vertically within the wall. There are several orifices within the wall that launch sperm-like projectiles (these were changed to eyeballs in the US version) in various formations. Pilots must navigate this onslaught of bio-matter while firing Wave Cannon shots at the eye; due to the eye's mobility and protection, the Mega Wave Cannon performs better than the Hyper Wave Cannon. Necrosaur's projectiles are solid enough to block most attacks, rendering Missiles useless.

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