Nasreil is a Bydo that has formed a sturdy defense against aggressors; mining minerals and metals from the wreckage of other battles, Nasreil creates a barrier on its front that is impervious to convential weapon, even Wave Cannon strikes. However, attacks from any other angle are very effective, as the creature is quite weak otherwise.


R-Type Final

The armor is made of space wreckage, compressed slowly over months and years. Normal weapons do no damage. On the other hand, the body is very fragile and it is actually a timid creature.

R-Type Command


B-Nsl Nathrel -Intercepter-

Fusion of an alien life form, Bydo tissue, and machinery. Converts alien energy into a powerful laser.

  • HP: 110
  • Fuel: 45
  • Radar: 2
  • Speed: 2 (2+ in RTT2)
  • Evade: 15%


  • Alien Spore
  • Bio Weaponry
  • Metallic Lifeform
  • 60 Solonium
  • 60 Bydogen



Name Ammo Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Laser 20 35 42 2-2 35% A/C Optical A powerful laser crafted with machine precision and powered with the Bydo's immense energy.

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