Moritz-G was an orbital super-weapon built by humanity. It went rogue during the Bydo Seed event in 2164 AD, and the R-Type Delta mission began with the destruction of Moritz-G as its first goal. When encountered in the stage Lethal Weapon, its planet-destroying powers had not yet been primed. Since the weapons platform was designed for long-range combat, the close-range operations of the R-craft gave them the edge over this large machine.

In combat, Moritz-G switches between two modes. First, it will try to attack the pilot with twin engines, waving them vertically. However, it's relatively easy to stay between them and disabling the engines will decrease the output. After a short time, Moritz-G will rotate, bringing its main cannon to bear, along with it's weak point, a red, crystalline object. The main cannon operates like a Photon-Belt Wave Cannon. Also, a small mortar on top of fires blue shells, not unlike the Warship (Core)'s defensive mechanism. Destroying the red core will destroy the entire unit.


R-Type Delta

R-Type Delta Moritz-G

Official artwork.

An extremely powerful weapons platform with vast destruction capability. Due to its terrifying potential it has been kept secret by the humans. Unfortunately it was infected by the Bydo and is now running rampant.

See Also

  • Subatomic, the rebuilt form of Dobkeratops, is also said to have vast destructive capabilities.

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