The McCarron Class space cruiser is a Bydo controlled battleship. It's unknown whether it was stolen from the Space Corps or constructed by the Bydo, but it only seems to exist in other dimensions. This craft is festooned with turrets, not unlike Blasters, Cannons, or Standard Gun Towers. If not dispatched quickly, they'll flood the battlefield with Bydo Shots. The McCarron Class cruisers consist of three segments; the front and rear sections can be destroyed without wrecking the main body, but destroying the central part first will destroy the entire craft at once. Sometimes, it's easier to simply disarm the cruiser by destroying the turrets and then ignoring the cruiser itself.


R-Type Final

  • Class: Large Bydo
  • Designation: Battle Cruiser
  • HP Level: 3
  • Location: Dimension 26

Trans-dimensional battleship. It has 2 bridges and 23 pulse cannons. The hull is made of 3 sections and they can be dropped to minimize damage.

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