R-type's "pincers" badly depicted in Magic Dragon

Magic dragon is a pirated re-design of R-Type, and is apparently incomplete as pilots hit an invisible wall mid way through level 4. The graphics are shoddy and often flicker. The level design is nearly the exact same as R-Type.

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"God bless the world of Famicom pirates. How else could you get 8-bit versions of Sonic the Hedgehog or Final Fantasy X or even Titantic: The Video Game? Even though most Chinese hackers tend to make games based off popular licensed (or porn games), this particular one - called Magic Dragon - is basically a ripoff of R-Type. The level design is exactly the same, although some of the graphics have been changed so the plagiarism isn't quite so obvious. Some of it is really bad - the second level looks like it's a salad, with lobsters jumping out of it. There's ton of flickering, and the whole thing looks remarkably ugly ugly. Your ship doesn't even look like a dragon! In general, it mostly plays okay, except for some glitchiness in the fourth stage. In fact, it doesn't seem like it's possible to beat - I hit an invisible wall every time at a certain point and die. Maybe they just didn't complete the game beyond that point? Who knows."

- from Hardcore Gaming 101, all credit to them for the article ( [1] )

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