First encountered in Gallop, this Wave Cannon automatically tracks nearby targets, quickly moving on to the next one if the current is destroyed before the beam ends. Thus, this is a weapon that can quickly mow through groups of weak foes. Once attached, an individual beam will not seek another target until the first is destroyed. No more than one beam will stay attached to a target, though a clever pilot may be able to "fly" other beams into it.

Lock-On Wave Cannon

A full level 1 charge grants two seeking beams, plus a third at level 2.


The premier of this cannon started with only one beam available, though pilots of the R-11B Peace Maker could collect power-ups that granted additional beams. This weapon consumed energy that slowly regenerated; other power-ups could recover this quicker.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Built for use in metropolitan areas. Target position is updated in real-time and energy beams will continue to strike the target.

Returning from Gallop, the R-11B Peace Maker is equipped with this weapon.

Lock-On Wave Cannon II

An upgraded version allows for an additional charge level, bringing the total number of beams to four.


This can be achieved with the appropriate power-up.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Stronger version of the Lock-On Wave Cannon. By increasing the barrel size, more beams can be fired when the weapon is charged up.

The Peace Maker's successor R-11S Tropical Angel also receives this upgraded weapon.

R-Type Command

Though it's not a Wave Cannon, the R-11S R-Seraph has the Clamp Laser, which is a normalized version of this weapon.

Lock-On Wave Cannon III

A total of five lock-on beams can be fired with this weapon's full charge.


A pilot needs to collect several power-ups to access this level of power.

R-Type Final

4 Loop Max. More beams can be fired than the previous version. The weapon is usually used in city areas and special permits are required for firing at MAX power.

This powerful weapon is equipped on the R-11S2 No Chaser.

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