The Lightning Wave Cannon was developed for quick yet powerful strikes, as the weapon is very effective against the average Bydo even with a sub-par charge.

Lightning Wave Cannon Test

The precursor of the Lightning Wave Cannon. Though it's powerful, this test model doesn't yet have the tracking ability of the finished product.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Test model made while developing the Lightning Wave Cannon. Only power was emphasized and the homing ability was not included.

Used on the R-13T Echidna, a multipurpose test bed for many technologies and Bydo research.

Lightning Wave Cannon

A frighteningly fast and powerful Wave Cannon, this weapon fires bolts of lightning that automatically seek targets and will even arc to hit multiple foes in a chain.

R-Type Delta

Seeks out the enemy and destroys it.

The R-13A Cerberus carried this weapon.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. New weapon developed to give Wave energy some homing ability. The bolts seek out and target the enemy.

Found on the TL-2B Herakles and R-13A Cerberus. Part of Hybrid Wave Cannon System 6.

R-Type Command

A self-guided Wave Cannon that rips enemies apart with powerful lightning blasts.

Although called "Shock Wave", it's not to be confused with the real Shock Wave Cannon. The firing pattern mimics a forked lightning bolt, splitting off about two hexes forward of the craft. Once again equipped on the Rwf-13A Cerberos.

Bounce Lightning Wave Cannon

The last enhancement of the Lightning Wave Cannon gives it the ability to ricochet off of obstacles and walls, retaining the ability to home in on targets.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Developed to cut energy loss. Bolts will reflect off surfaces without any power loss. The homing ability was included.

The R-13A2 Hades and R-13B Charon come equipped with this. It's also part of the Hybrid Wave Cannon System 7.

R-Type Command

A modified Shock Wave with one of the highest attack ranges of any Wave Cannon.

Though it boasts a high attack range, it's actually a very precise attack area. The weapon forks as the lightning cannon does, but with more secondary forking. It's called the "Spark Wave" and found on the Rwf-13B Charon.

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