The Homing Missile is a standard weapon in nearly all titles. The Homing Missile, when launched, seeks out the nearest target. It's a popular choice anyway, as two are fired at once, and there's a high rate of fire and accuracy.

R-Type Leo

Instead of 2 missiles speeding forward, the Homing Missiles in R-Type Leo drop away above and below the R-9Leo Leo, quickly accelerating forward to impact only when there is target directly in front.

R-Type Final

R-Type Final puts out several variants of this weapon.

  • 4-Way Homing: Launches up to 4 missiles at once, instead of the standard 2.
  • 6-Way Homing: Launches up to 6 missiles at once out of the rear of the craft, instead of the standard 2. Collecting 1 Missile Power-Up grants 4, the next one increases to 6.
  • Enhanced Homing: This missile can pierce lightly-armor targets and packs a strong punch.
  • Eyeball Homing: As per the standard missile, but shaped like eyeballs. Typically only used by Bydo craft, and referred to as Oculoids in R-Type Command.