Hatches are mechanical gates used for inserting Bydo into a battlefield, usually as a response to those pesky Space Corps pilots and their R-craft who always come in and wreck the place. Hatches are always attached to a non-organic wall and are common fixtures in mechanical fortresses. They are somewhat durable, but can be quickly destroyed with concentrated weapons fire; a Wave Cannon shot will take it out in one blast.


R-Type II/Super R-Type

Hatches are used here to deploy Guntaks.

R-Type Final

  • Class: Bydo
  • Designation: Launch Door
  • HP Level: 3
  • Location: Wherever

A gate for small flying enemies. If the Hatch is destroyed, the enemies cannot get out.

See Also

Related Development

  • The organic unit Baldur serves a similar purpose, in that it incubates and releases Zoydos.

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