R-TYPE TACTICS Ⅱ ED曲(日文字幕)04:53


The Glitnir Hyperspace Station is a facility in orbit around Pluto and Charon, located in the Kuiper belt. The station is used to launch ships into the Tesseract. The launch process appears very similar to desynchronization. The station dwarfs many other Space Corps structures and ships. While the station appears in R-Type Command as only a small capture-able and mission critical facility. The full size of the structure is seen in R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate, and is a large sized stage within the game.


During the events of R-type command: The station is liberated from bydo capture, and is used to access the Tesseract, and travel to the Bydo solar system. The station plays a similar role in the sequel; Becoming the base of operations for the Solar Liberation League, and serving as one of the final levels of the game's three campaigns.


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