a hovering Glam, protecting the warship.

Glam is a separate unit used to defend the Warship from smaller fighters. It's deployed when the warship is under attack by smaller, agile aggressors that the warship's turrets can't effectively track. Once deployed, it will fire a steady stream of Bydo Shots, rotating to always maintain line-of-sight with its target. It tends to stay very close to the mothership and, perhaps unintelligently, doesn't move much once it's been deployed, making it an easy target for versatile attackers.


R-Type Final

  • Class: Bydo
  • Designation: Floating Cannon
  • HP Level: 3
  • Location: Battleship Raid

Aerial turret for guarding giant warships. It has a 12 centimeter mortar and high resilience. It hovers and guards blind spots.


Glam is likely named after Gram, the sword of Siegfried in Norse mythology.

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