Gironika, wich just burrowed through the wall of the crashed space colony.

Gironika is a large biomechanical Bydo, often used to guard areas or serve as heavy support for Bydo ground forces. It's a very strong weapon, and not much can stop a Gironika's advance if chooses to, say, burrow through very thick metal floors and crush small buildings. It attacks by creating super-heated energy spheres, which it tries to saturate the area with. It is an incredibly durable Bydo, able to easily take sustained fire from most weapons; it can even endure multiple blasts from all but the most powerful of Wave Cannons.


R-Type Final

It was originally made by humans but the Bydo have made it an evil thing, eternally crawling on city walls. It secretes body fluids from its carapace. These become foamy spheres upon contact with the air. A chemical reaction generates heat within the sphere, creating lift.

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