The target of "Battleship Raid", stage 3 of R-Type: Final

This is a regular part of nearly every mission in R-Type. The entire stage is usually dedicated to taking down a large, horribly be-weaponed Warship (or several). Pilots should expect lots of anti-air support craft.



Pilots arriving from the Creature Cave will encounter this Warship, the core is exposed so you must destroy it, then proceed to the Frontline Base.

R-Type II

Here, pilots must avoid the collective firepower of many Warships, all of which are ultimately indestructible. An entrance will proceed you to the boss at near end. (Super R-Type.)

R-Type Delta

R-Type Delta does this twice, though the first time is against a very large ground-based attack vehicle. A broken-up version of the original Warship from R-Type makes an appearance in Stage 5.

R-Type Final

This stage is called Battleship Raid here. Gains attack pilots trying to take down the Planet Buster Warship.

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate

The entire stage, which is the second mission of Chapter II, takes place in a region of warp space. Commanders only have 40 turns to finish it.

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