Kabegami 19

An example of a Genon flock.

Genon is a flock of Bydo creatures formed from a substance in the Bydo Abyss. Genon isn't a creature itself, but instead a grouping of other similar creatures encountered in the deepest bowels of the Bydo Empire.


The creatures are strange in that they look like spiked eyeballs with different colors, and that they are more human than they are Bydo.


R-Type Final

  • Class: Others
  • Designation: Mystery Organism?
  • HP Level: 2
  • Location: The Bydo...

Chimass, Shutom, Ayden, and Guaneem combine to form a Genon flock. There is usually a Chimass functioning as a control unit, but in very rare cases a single species makes the flock.

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