Gains Positron Gun

The Gains v2 from R-Type Tactics, a.k.a "Speed Wave"


Gains, turning after a "tackle"


Both the Faster red Gains, and its slower counterpart; the green Gains from R-type III.

Gains is a large humanoid mech, previously used by the Space Corps, but now controlled by the Bydo. It's a multi-purpose unit, used equally for offensive and defensive means in a variety of situations. Despite their size, Gains units are rather agile, capable of every kind of flight between hovering and interstellar flight, and tend to be very durable. Gains are typically loaded with a modified version of the Standard Wave Cannon, but their modular nature allows for a variety of other weaponry. Since Gains is one of the most popular Bydo encountered, there are many different versions of it.


R-Type III: The Third Lightning

Two varieties of Gains are encountered in the Catapult Dimension. The first model, a green version, fires large Wave Cannon shots. The second one, a red version, shoots more rapidly, but will eventually be killed by the environment.

R-Type Final

Humanoid weapon made for intra-atmosphere use. It has a rapid-fire Condensed Wave Cannon. To adapt to Earth's gravity, stiffness and output were increased, and weight was reduced. The ace pilot, Capt. Matt Gables, used to ride in this vehicle.

R-Type Command

There are three different types of Gains.

Description: Gains

Bhw-Gns1 Gains -Light Artillery-

Bipedal modules specially designed for high-gravity pockets of space. Equipped with a rapid-fire Quick Wave.

  • HP: 110
  • Fuel: 35
  • Charge: 1 Turn
  • Radar: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Evade: 35%



  • Bipedal Module Data
  • Bipedal Wave Unit
  • 140 Bydogen

Armaments: Gains


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Shot 99 10 1-1 45% A/C Machinegun Standard Bydo weapon. Has short range and low power, but limitless ammunition.
Quick Wave 1 Turn 86 --- 99% ATK Particle A modified Wave Cannon that further compresses energy before firing. Has rapid fire capabilities.

Description: Ion-Enabled Gains

Bhw-Gns2 Ion-Enabled Gains Mk2 -Light Artillery-

A Gains Mk1 whose Wave Cannon has been replaced with a Positron Gun for more firepower.

  • HP: 115
  • Fuel: 30
  • Charge: 1 Turn
  • Radar: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Evade: 30%


Armaments: Ion-Enabled Gains


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Shot 99 10 1-1 45% A/C Machinegun Standard Bydo weapon. Has short range and low power, but limitless ammunition.
Positron Rifle 1 Turn 101 --- 99% ATK Particle A Warship Positron Gun modified for bipedal module use. Among the strongest of bipedal module weapons.

Description: CQB Gains Mk3

Bh-Gns3 CQB Gains Mk3 -Bipedal CQB-

Gains modified for close-quarters combat. Capable of annihilating units in a single destructive strike.

  • HP: 125
  • Fuel: 40
  • Radar: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Evade: 40%


Armaments: CQB Gains Mk3


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Gains Claw 15 52 1-1 85% A/C Melee A double-bladed claw equipped on the Gains Mk3's hand. Meant for melee combat.
Excalibur 4 77 --- 78% ATK Melee Creates an enormous beam saber that cuts anything nearby. The ultimate melee weapon.
Slam 99 75 --- 75% ATK Ram A powerful ram attack that risks being countered, but has a chance of pushing the enemy back.

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  • Excalibur, one of the attacks of CQB Gains Mk3, is also the name of King Arthur's legendary sword.
  • Gains resembles a Mobile Suit from the Gundam series, the R-Type: Final discription of this enemy also suggests that Gains where once piloted. Another possible reference to Gundam would be in R-Type III; where two green Gains attack you, and a red one appears, but it is faster then the other two. This could be a reference to the antagonist in the first Mobile Suit Gundam anime; Char Aznable who pilots Red Mobile Suits and is notable for being fast.

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