R-Type Finale 3.5

Forest Watchdog is one of the hidden stages in R-Type Final. It takes place in Bydo Forest deep within their territory.


R-Type Delta

The Bydo Forest of Forest Watchdog can be seen inside the dimensional anomaly of R-Type Delta's last stage. Unable to break through the dimensional barrier after defeating the Bydo Seed, It becomes the final resting place of the R-13 Cerberus.

R-Type Final

Only Cross the Rubicon pilots can reach this place after completing Battleship Raid. The full extent of the Bydo Forest can be seen here, a sprawling landscape teeming with Bydo lifeforms. Alluded to by the stage's title, the boss in this level is the same R-13 Cerberus piloted by the player during the events of R-Type Delta, fused with and corrupted by a Bydo Tree.

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