A breakthrough in Wave Cannon technology that sees further development with the Shower Cannon, Gold Rush Cannon, and Prism Rhythm Cannon. The Wave Cannon's shot depends on the location of the Force and the charge level: a 1 loop charge with an attached Force is functionally similar to the Standard Wave Cannon Prototype, as is a 2 loop charge with a detached Force.

Force Wave Cannon

A maxed out 2 loop charge with a Force attached results in a blast with the same attack power as a maxed out Standard Wave Cannon. Note that this does not allow the pilot to fire the Wave Cannon backwards if the Force is attached to the rear of the craft.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Firing range was extended by designing the Force with Wave Cannon emissions. This was a great achievement in the early years of the war.

Only found on the R-9AF Morning Glory.

Force Wave Cannon LM

This operates nearly identically to the Force Wave Cannon, except that the Wave Cannon bullet is a lump of liquid metal.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Liquid metal version of the Force Wave Cannon. It destroys enemies with liquid metal bullets shot from the Force and the fighter.

Part of the liquid metal experiment seen with the B-3B Metallic Dawn.

Force Wave Cannon LM2

A stronger version of the above cannon, this upgrade grants another charge loop, resulting in a large blast of liquid metal at level three.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. The number of liquid metal bullets was increased. As a result, the destructive power of the weapon has also grown.

The B-3B2 Metallic Dawn II further tested the properties of this Wave Cannon.

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