The Flame Wave Cannon fires a steady beam of pure flame. It functions similar to the Photon-Belt Wave Cannon, but seems to last just slightly longer. The damage is considerable and quick flying allows a pilot to melt groups of enemies.

Flame Wave Cannon

The full discharge also fires pairs of rotating fiery bolts down the length of the ray.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Uses a miniaturized tokamak to contain ultra-hot flames with magnetic fields. Output is very similar to a flamethrower.

The R-9Sk Principalities was built (or, as some pilots would say, reduced) for fire-based weaponry, and this Wave Cannon is it's primary weapon.

R-Type Command

A tokamak that compresses heat and releases it in a powerful burst. Very effective against the Bydo.

The Rwf-9Sk1 Principality uses this weapon, referred to as the "Heat Wave". It fires three hexes forward and affects all around the third hex, but doesn't affect the third hex itself.

Flame Wave Cannon II

An additional charge loop allows this weapon greater longevity and damage.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Flame temperature and size have been increased. Unpopular with wingmen because the flame sprays in a wide arc when the charge is high.

This weapon was equipped on the R-9Sk2 Dominions.

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