B-Fnmt Bloom Cruiser

The B-Fnmt Bloom Cruiser, as it appears in R-Type Command/Tactics

Type Speed Fortress
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use
Primary User Bydo


B-Fnmt Bloom Cruiser -Speed Fortress-

A mobile cruiser which rams enemies with its durable shell. Can convert the enemy's remains into resources.

HP: 200

Fuel: 50

Charge: 2 Turn

Radar: 4

Speed: 3

Evade: 15%


Charge Enabled

Carry x5


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
G-Field 8 35 3-5 65% ATK Particle Gravity field created when the Bloom Cruiser opens. Any man-made ships destroyed are converted to Solonium.
Bloom Rush 99 80 1-1 75% ATK Ram The Bloom Cruiser's unique ramming attack. Difficult to counter or dodge.
Bloom Laser 2 Turn 130 --- 80% ATK Piercing A powerful laser that charges up internally and is released when the Bloom Cruiser opens.

Fine Motion
Fine Motion is a large Bydo attack cruiser. A distinctive aspect of the Fine Motion is that it's actually a shell. Once engaged with a target, the outer hull peels away to reveal an inner core, resembling a blooming flower with four petals. Fine Motion has a great variety of beam attacks at its disposal. The power core is protected by an outer core, which functions as a shield against direct attacks. This craft is designed for quick and powerful strikes.

Unmanned defense for trans-dimensional warp routes. It constantly patrols, and will destroy any threat. A gravity field that warps space can negate its target acquisition ability, making it vulnerable to destruction.



Several Fine Motions can be seen near the end of Wherever stage and they act as the obstacles as they don't attack. The Fine Motions appear to be attached together, suggesting that the cruisers and link up together.

Fine Motion can change which version of Stage 6 the player ends up in, therefore changing the ending.