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B-GstNd Gusternet

The B-GstNd Gusternet, as it appears in R-Type Command/Tactics

Type Mobile Fortress
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Command/Tactics
Status In Use
Primary User Bydo
Undergoing a drastic name change to Gusternet, this incarnation also shelters a different Bydo, the Leidi.

Icebergs are often present when a Gusternet is around. They serve the same purpose as a UFMN-01 Mine, floating on the surface and blocking units from passing through the area that it occupies. Icebergs have 100 HP, and cannot cause damage to other units.


B-GstNd Gusternet -Mobile Fortress-

Large Bydo life form that glides along water and shoots dense dry ice. Capable of docking units.

HP: 180

Fuel: 65

Radar: 4

Speed: 2

Evade: 5%


Carry x5


Buoyant Shell

250 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Ice Shards 99 60 3-5 4% A/C Missile Ice-like shards fired by the Gusternet. Has long range and limitless ammunition.


Duster in R-Type II

The Duster is an aquatic Bydo. It has a silver shelled body, well-armored against aggressors. Though it possesses four wickedly clawed limbs, it prefers to remain on the surface of water. It's often a carrier of other Bydo, though which one differs from mission to mission, suggesting differing sub-species.

Sprinkles oxidizers that float on the water. It is capable of releasing Battalions, produced internally, from its abdomen.

The oxidizers instantly create an ice-like platform upon contact with water. This material is hard enough to pierce the armor of R-craft should a pilot fly into one, but concentrated firepower can destroy it.

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