Dragon Breed is an R-Type based shooter, using a different take on the Force. You play the game as a boy riding on a dragon, the dragon is invincible.

Other Articles

"Dragon Breed is another side scrolling shooter from Irem. It isn't technically related to R-Type, however, when Activision ported to it home computers, it renamed the game "Dragon Breed: R-Type 2", completely discounting the fact that there already WAS an R-Type II. It's easy to see some commonalities though. In Dragon Breed, you control a human who rides on the top of a huge flying dragon. The dragon itself is invincible, so you can use its body to shield the human from danger. It's basically the same concept but a different take on the Force pod. Although your human fires a gun too, the charge shots are fired from the mouth of the dragon. There are also colored weapons which gives your dragon additional weapons. Dragon Breed isn't particularly well known because it was never ported to a console, but it's an excellent shooter and naturally worth checking out."

- from Hardcore Gaming 101 all credit to them for the article ( [1] )

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