The Diffusion Wave Cannon was developed to provide fighters with the ability to decimate entire groups of Bydo at once. Thus, a Standard Wave Cannon was modified to spread its energy upon release, rather than launching it in a single bolt. This diffusion affects a large area in front of the craft, but the weapon is meant for close-combat; it's ineffective over long ranges and in tight areas.

Diffusion Wave Cannon Prototype

The first version of the Diffusion Wave Cannon, sometimes referred as the Spread Wave Cannon. The first charge fires a bolt much like the Standard Wave Cannon Prototype, but a second loop fires a total of seven bolts, one forward and three above and below the craft. Not long after discharge, the trajectory of the bolts cross in front of the ship. Very useful for attacking enemy groups or in a large environment, but usage falls in small corridors.

R-Type II/Super R-Type

The debut of this Wave Cannon is a secondary Wave cannon of the R-9C War-Head. It can be used when the Beam charge meter is flashing orange.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. By dispersing the energy of a Standard Wave Cannon, this weapon is capable of inflicting damage over a wide area. Energy can now be charged up to a maximum of 2 Loops.

Used only by the R-9A2 Delta. Also part of the Hybrid Wave Cannon System 1.

Diffusion Wave Cannon

This cannon acts much like its prototype above, except that the diffusion pattern occurs slightly earlier after discharge, and there's a total of nine bolts instead of seven. It shares the usefulness against enemy groups, but limited use against single targets (unless the pilot can manipulate the blast pattern so all of the bolts hit the target when they cross) and in enclosed areas.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. After raising stability in a successful Diffusion prototype, this weapon was introduced for use in live combat. It has 30% more diffusion energy than the original prototype.

Though the R-9C War-Head uses this Wave Cannon, in previous missions it was instead equipped with the Diffusion Prototype. This cannon is also used by the R-9K Sunday Strike and part of Hybrid Wave Cannon System 2.

R-Type Command

A modified Wave Cannon that splits energy waves for a wider destructive swath. It has a longer charge time.

This cannon now takes 4 turns to charge. It fires forward three hexes, and affects all hexes around the third one. The Rwf-9Ac War Head carries this, albeit titled "Split Wave".

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