This Wave Cannon launches a spectral Bydo creature that will seek and destroy enemy targets. Pilots should be aware that this weapon atypically fires from the rear of the craft.

Devil Wave

The size of the creature depends on the charge; a level two discharge results in a Bydo larger than most R-craft.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. This peculiar Wave Cannon shoots from the rear of the craft. Uses optical targeting technology, and the discharge is tuned to Bydo frequencies. These technologies give the weapon homing capability. A balanced weapon that is good for offense and defense.

The B-1D Bydo System Alpha, a transformed R-9A Arrowhead, was the Space Corps introduction to this weapon. It has since been improved on.

Devil Wave II

A third charge level adds another spectral Bydo, so enemies have to deal with two homing entities.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. By increasing the amount of charge in the first Devil Wave, more Bydo-shaped targets can be targeted.

The Space Corps' redesign of the B-1D Bydo System Alpha into the B-1D2 Bydo System Beta resulted in the creation of this weapon.

Devil Wave III

A fourth charge level adds two more Bydo, for a total of 4 independent units that will seek and destroy enemy targets. This powerful swarm will tear apart most enemy groups.

R-Type Final

4 Loop Max. Many more Bydo-shaped targets can be targeted with this new upgrade, lending the weapon high destructive power. However, many criticized the rear firing system and development of this type of weapon was abandoned.

The last incarnation of this weapon is seen aboard the B-1D3 Bydo System Gamma.

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