Desynch refers to the ability to affect a parallel dimension. Though this ability is only present in R-Type Command, previous missions have involved dimensional travel and feature dimensional stages, such as the Catapult Dimension from R-Type III: The Third Lightning and Dimension 26 in R-Type Final. The primary use of desynching is to simulate a cloaking device.


R-Type Command Terminology: A dimension running parallel to our own. Desynched units enter another spacetime continuum, and cannot be seen from our reality. Traversing this dimension drains fuel at 1.5 the normal rate; running out of fuel entirely means the unit's certain death. Desynched units in very close proximity can still be detected.


R-Type Command Terminology: Hide the unit in another dimension. Unit speed doubles, but fuel depletes faster. If a unit runs out of fuel while desynched, the unit will perish. Detectable in close proximity.

Any unit with a Desynch Drive will also have the innate ability to Resynch, returning them to the home dimension.


R-Type Command Terminology: Some units are capable of hiding by activating their Desynch function. Normal weapons and charge weapons cannot damage desynched units. The only method of damaging a desynched unit is to fire a Desynch Shot. The Desynch Shot has certain inherent shortcomings.

  • Few units are equipped with the Desynch Shot.
  • Its damage decreases with distance.
  • It will damage both allies and enemies in the affected area.
  • As desynched enemies are cloaked, the player must guess at their location.

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