A successful attempt to add "virtual fighters" to a pilot's repertoire, this Wave Cannon creates energetic decoy copies of the pilot's ship, all of which fire a bolt similar to the Standard Wave Cannon Prototype. The decoys are indestructible until expended via firing the weapon, and will inflict minor damage to enemies upon contact, similar to a Bit Device. This weapon would be further enhanced in R-Type Command where a few ships gain the ability to create Decoys of themselves.

Decoy Wave Cannon

The first version of this cannon could form a total of two extra fighters.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Decoys are created while charging energy. The decoys are also equipped with beam weapons.

The aptly-named R-9AD Escort Time was the test craft for this weapon.

Decoy Wave Cannon II

An updated version of the above Wave Cannon, this one allows an additional loop for a total of 4 decoys. The blast is otherwise unchanged.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. The output of the decoy weapons is doubled. A maximum of 4 decoys can be deployed.

The R-9AD2 Princedom flew into combat with this weapon.

Decoy Wave Cannon III

This fearsome culmination of the Decoy Wave Cannon project resulted in a total of 6 decoys keeping close formation with the pilot's fighter.

R-Type Final

4 Loop Max. Up to 6 decoys can be launched. Surrounding the fighter with 6 decoys is an excellent defensive and offensive tactic.

The R-9AD3 King's Mind used this weapon to great effect.

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