Cyclone Force in R-Type Final.

The Cyclone Force is a whirlwind of destruction. Though it lacks in ranged attacks when detached, it's contact strength is high, and will quickly and severely damage whatever it touches. It's a gel-like force that distorts easily when introduced to the rigors of flight.

It allows the pilot to use the following beams with the appropriate Laser Crystal:

  • Red: Through Laser: Fires a wide, arrow-shaped bolt. At Level 3, this is wider than the R-90 Ragnarok. While this can pierce through most objects, there are certain walls that it cannot.
  • Blue: Splash Laser: At Level 3, this results in five beams launched in roughly 80 and 45 degree angles above and below the ship, as well as a forward beam, resulting in a useful 'scatterspray' effect. The impact bursts cause further 'splash' damage.
  • Yellow: Capsule Laser: Places a short-lived (as in, seconds) capsule slightly ahead of the Force that fires forward.

When detached:

  • Level 1: The Force has no ranged attacks.
  • Level 2: The newly orbital cyclonic bits spin rapidly, resulting in an energetic vertical ring around the Force, increasing it's contact range.
  • Level 3: The vertical melee range increases even further, providing additional cover, and the damage is devastating.


R-Type III: The Third Lightning

The Cyclone Force is described in-game as follows:

Roll Out: Prototype
Power Drain: 5.02 Bydo.
Equipment: Cyclonic Bit.
Control Unit: R-Core M-7.

R-Type Final

The core control system is buried within a jellified Bydo life form.


R-type 3 final boss on hard mode03:53

R-type 3 final boss on hard mode

The Cyclone Force in action against the final boss of R-Type III

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