Chimass is one of the creatures found in the Bydo Abyss. Chimass has the appearence of a spiked red eyeball. It always appears as the leader of a group of creatures and if the Chimass dies, the whole group dies. When a Genon flock is encountered, Chimass is either at the core, or in a hard-to-reach place. Wave Cannons that can pierce through objects, such as the Mega Wave Cannon, are ideal to quickly dispatching Chimass cores.


R-Type Final

  • Class: Others
  • Designation: Mystery Organism?
  • HP Level: 2
  • Location: The Bydo...

Substance from the Bydo Abyss. Several different things are made of this same substance. It is the leader of a group of organisms, and if it is destroyed, the whole group dies.

See Also

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