Attempts to create a Wave Cannon based on Nature's fury ended up with this weapon. It was deemed far too powerful for any situation outside of special emergency contact with the Bydo and banned. When fired, a fiery meteoroid bursts from the ship, dripping flaming particles and inflicting serious damage to its target. The second charge level also releases a bolt of lightning that shoots upward then reflects downward upon impact with a surface. If the user is extremely close to the ground, a tornado will sweep across the ground instead of the bolt of lightning

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. A terrifying weapon that is able to attack with the power of a man-made natural disaster. It is difficult to distinguish between a real disaster and the effects of the gun, so its use outside the Bydo War was strongly opposed. A treaty restricting the weapon’s use was signed.

Used only by the test model for this weapon, the R-9WZ Disaster Report.

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