This Wave Cannon closely resembles fireworks or a flare. It shoots in a zig-zag pattern ahead of the fighter, then explodes, scattering damaging particles that are slightly subject to gravity. A full level one charge bursts in the eight cardinal directions and the initial shot will pierce through weaker foes.

Carnival Wave Cannon

A full level two charge scatters the particles randomly, where they will quickly fall and take out weak enemies with a single hit.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Enhanced version of the Mini Burst Wave Cannon. It was made for defending transport vehicles, but there are no visible design changes. Discharge looks somewhat like fireworks, and there are records of it having been used to divert scouts and signal reinforcements.

This weapon was installed on the humble TW-1 Duckbill.

Carnival Wave Cannon II

As the above cannon, except that the extra charge loop grants two layers of damaging motes, and the initial shot is much larger.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. This weapon was based on a different Wave Cannon. Its development was a lucky accident. Firepower has been increased several times over (since?) the first Carnival Wave Cannon.

Just like it's predecessor, this weapon was equipped on an earlier machine, the TP-1 Scope Duck.

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