A fundamental element to Bydo, used to create the Bydo. Though humanity has harnessed the element for the creation of Forces and other support craft, it's very scarce in Space Corps-controlled areas. Those wishing to harvest more than trace amounts will have to venture close to the Bydo, and confrontations are very likely.


R-Type Command

A type of resource found within the Bydo galaxy. Its main use is to develop Bydo units. Appears red to the human eye.

Minerals native to Bydo space, sometimes referred to as crystals. This is often used in the creation of Bydo units and Forces. This resource is relatively scarce compared to Solonium, but Etherium can be more difficult, except in certain locations.


New Frontier is the best place to mine Bydogen. It has enough to fill a commander's stocks to max, and has a cluster of Bydogen in the center worth 100 Bydogen upon collection of the spoil.

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