This Wave Cannon releases a swarm of small Bydo that home in on targets, circling if need be to impact and cause damage.

Bydo Spirit Cannon

A greater charge results in a larger swarm.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. The developers of Dantalion’s Flute continued their research and this weapon is the result. The major improvement is the addition of homing ability. The introduction of a growth system postponed until the next stage.

Found on the Bydo test craft B-1C Amphibian.

Bydo Spirit Cannon II

The full charge of this cannon results in physically larger Bydo within the swarm. With the growth aspect alluded to in the previous version realized, this attack deals greater damage.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Growth element was added to this version of the Bydo Spirit Cannon. It retains the ability to home in on enemies.

The B-1C2 Amphibian II generates this Wave Cannon within the Bydo shell of the craft.

Bydo Spirit Cannon III

The final evolution of this weapon spawns physically larger Bydo than the previous two incarnations.

R-Type Final

4 Loop Max. The most powerful Bydo Spirit weapon. When the charge is at full capacity, the energy reaches a “mature” phase and is discharged.

Equipped on the B-1C3 Amphibian III, but rarely used due to the strain on pilots.

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