The Bydo Seed Gun Wave Cannon sends pods flying in a tight wave pattern, plowing through weaker foes, but sticking to larger ones. The seeds survive for a few seconds after impact, dealing additional damage until finally vanishing in a small flare.

Bydo Seed Gun

The Bydo Seed Gun fires 4 seed pods, plus an additional pod with the second loop.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Emits “seeds” taken from plant-like Bydo. Upon impact, the seeds germinate and continue to inflict damage.

The budding B-1A Digitalius grew the seeds that powered this weapon.

Bydo Seed Gun II

The additional charge allows the germinating seeds to grow larger, sustain longer, and inflict slightly more damage.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. The post-impact lifespan has been extended by manipulating telomeres found within the Bydo “seeds”. Growth reaches a sprout-like phase.

Standard complement of the B-1A2 Digitalius II.

Bydo Seed Gun III

The last evolution of this weapon allows the seeds to sustain long enough to flower, further increasing the incremental damage of the weapon.

R-Type Final

4 Loop Max. After impact the seeds stay alive until a flowering phase. The longer life span means more damage can be inflicted.

The B-1A3 Digitalius III used this to cause deep-rooted damage to its foes.

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