Bydo Force is a Force that has an extremely high Bydo percentage although the percentage is not high enough to go out of control like the Anchor Force DX.

Bydo Force

It allows the pilot to use the following beams with the appropriate Laser Crystal:

  • Red: Gondolan Laser: This fires a wormlike Bydo lifeform, almost curled in a circle.
  • Blue: Dauber Laser: A pair of clawed tadpole-like lifeforms are fired diagonally. These will reflect off of surfaces.
  • Yellow: Norazarie Laser: A pair of tubular organisms are launched above and below the craft.

When detached:

  • Level 1: The Force rains a pair of acidic drops downward.
  • Level 2: The Force rains a triple set of acidic droplets.
  • Level 3: The Force rains four acidic drops.


R-Type Delta

Though the TP-2 POW Armor uses the Bydo Force, the completely-different weapons loadout was installed onto the Needle Force in R-Type Final and are discussed there.

R-Type Final

Features a whip-like Control Rod. Part of a Bydo genetic research program, the Bydo coefficent is extremely high. It secretes an acidic fluid from its surface during battle.

R-Type Command


BF-Bd Bydo Force -Force-

Force unit controlled by a flagellar remote. Retains its regenerative properties even in Force form.


  • HP: 120
  • Fuel: 100
  • Radar: 2
  • Speed: 2 (2+ in RTT2)
  • Evade: 35%


  • Heal


  • Mark of Resurrection
  • 100 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Fluid 65 12 14 1-1 50% A/C Secretion Gushes forward when fired. Low range, but relatively high damage capacity compared to Bydo Shots and Shells.
Force Ram 99 60 71 1-1 70% ATK Ram Forces can ram into the enemy, pushing enemies back or stealing fuel upon impact.