The Bydo (Core), the heart of the Bydo Empire, as it appears in R-Type Dimensions.

The Bydo Empire, less formally known as the Bydo and sometimes mistranslated as Baido, is an organization in the R-Type Series that serves as the game's antagonist. The Bydo are biological man-made weapons, originally created to propel the Humans to universal domination. However, this plan backfired and the creations began attacking their creators. The Bydo are rumored to be the reason the Space Corps was founded. Nearly every mission drives home the point that the Bydo are pure, ultimate evil.


The Bydo was a weapon created by Humans in 2501 AD to be used against Humanity's enemies (probably the Other Civilization introduced in R-Type Tactics II). Ironically, the project was abandoned after the Bydo went rampant in the Solar System. They were transported into another dimension with a special weapon, (presumably a wormhole generator) where they continued to evolve and wander aimlessly. Somehow, the Bydo found a way back into the Humans' dimension (though in the 22nd Century) and again attempted to destroy them. R-Type Final starts in the 26th Century (or the 22nd Century) again, though by now humanity has had five hundred (or twenty) years of conflict.

Bydo Genetics

The Bydo's DNA structure is the same DNA structure as the Humans because in stage 2.2, from an excerpt of "The Bydo Body" states that "The DNA of a Bydo has the same double helix structure of a Human". Despite being a weapon, the Bydo were starting to become more like their creators as evidenced in Delta.

The Bydo can be defined as a wave form, though it possesses a physical mass with self-replicating DNA. It spreads very quickly and easily, overtaking whatever space it can. It's said that the Bydo can even interfere with, and consume, human thought.

Growth Process

Like other lifeforms, the Bydo have a growth process like this:


The Bydo can convert any matter, organic or non-organic, into their own. They can construct mobile weapons platforms, and Warships from the size of a fighter, to frigates, destroyers, to massive battleships and dreadnoughts. They even create special organic weapons fused with machinery, like the Dobkeratops, and organic fighter craft. It is unknown if their warships are composed entirely of machines or are symbiotic with Bydo flesh, but the Bydo are entirely capable of converting entire planets, or destroying them. Since the Bydo can take over craft used by humanity, it's also assumed that their technology is sufficient to hack through military codes, perhaps controlled by a large biomechanical supercomputer.

List of Bydo Organisms

Bold Bydo are Boss enemies.


  • The Solar Envoy may be the weapon that gave birth to the Bydo creatures due to the Solar Envoy making Bydo organisms out of dead ones.
  • Bydo is an anagram of "body" referring to antibodies.