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Bydo Dimension, alternately called The Galaxy of Abyss, is the home dimension of the Bydo Empire.

The Bydo Dimension


The Bydo were banished to another dimension where they evolved into a sentient embodiment of evil. They made this their home dimension ever since.


In R-Type III, the Bydo Dimension is in red space with the Bydo Core attached to a wall. In R-Type Delta, the Bydo Dimension is a twisted version of the Humans' dimension; There are giant strands of DNA, cities on the ceiling and floor, babies encased in crystals, images of science formulas and major human accomplishments in the background, and a forest of Bydo Trees. In R-Type Final, the Bydo Dimension is full of Bydo fluid with images of a couple making out in the background. It is also inhabited by Bydo eyeballs.

Appears In


R-Type II

R-Type III

R-Type Delta

R-Type Command

R-Type Final

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