Not to be confused with D-Gun

ULUS10343 00004

The UFHC-007 Vanargand firing its Bridge Guns.

Bridge Gun fire is the term used to describe medium laser fire from the bridge portions of large scale cruisers in the R-Type Series. A Bridge Gun is also an attack specific to the UFHC-007 Vanargand. Regardless of pilot level, the Trace Laser has a range of 2-4 hexes and an accuracy rating of 50%, but it can have a damage output of anywhere from 45 to 53, depending on captain level. Unlike the hull-fired Trace Laser, the Bridge gun is relegated entirely to an offensive role. As such, it cannot be used to intercept projectiles.


The UFHC-008 Garum cruiser posesses a similar attack to Bridge Gun, Bridge Gun 2, which is likewise fired from the ship's bridge guns. It is far superior to the standard Bridge Gun, doing not only more damage (50 when stock and 58 when at ace level) but also having markedly higher range (3-5 hexes) than its predecessor. Accuracy is the only feature that has remained unchanged.

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