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As the Bydo influence spread from planet to planet, they incorporated much of the native wildlife into their ranks, corrupting the flora and fauna to their cause to act as disposable shock troops. Transporting these new elements of the Bydo forces was difficult, so instead most of them stayed on their native worlds or were transplanted into giant, space-faring Bydo. Breams, once shallow-water crustaceans, were converted into bionic suicidal fliers.


R-Type II/Super R-Type

A native creature processed by the Bydo to perform as an attack torpedo.

Breams travel in packs, flying in a straight line, either straight forward, or at 45 degree angles. Unlike most Bydo, Breams are not destroyed when they take fatal damage. Instead, they make a suicide run in whatever direction they were moving in at the moment, so pilots must be careful to not shoot Breams when they are in the flight path. Breams have no projectile attacks and rely on their damaging ram attack.

Breams is an enemy in stage 2 and stage 3 of R-Type II and Super R-Type, respectively.

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