Birashins Roots are the bottom half of a Birashins Bulb. This is a large vegetative organ, whose purpose is to collect collect nutrients from the liquids it inhabits. Though it looks to be an easy target for underwater predators, the inherent durability and defensive measures make it an unhealthy choice. Above water, pilots can simply avoid the Birashins Bulb, but the root often blocks progress underwater and must be destroyed.


R-Type Final

  • Class: Large Bydo
  • Designation: Onion Root
  • HP Level: 4
  • Location: Twisted Ecology

Evolved with the ability to extract nutrients from water. The roots grow deep in aquatic areas.

R-Type Command/Tactics


Bh-Bls Belacinth Root -Amphibio Fortress-

The bottom half of the Belacinth. The absorption of all nearby material has caused hypertrophying.

  • HP: 110
  • ACE HP: 130
  • Fuel: 100
  • Radar: 4
  • Speed: 0
  • Evade: 5%



Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Belafoam 30 50 Sea 2-4 50% A/C Guoided Acidic foam generated and released by the Belacinth root.

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