Birashins Bulbs are created by the spores spread by Birashins Sprouts. The bulbs in turn create seeds which grow into Birashins Sprouts, and the cycle repeats. Bulbs are what lies above water; below the surface, a large Birashins Root will be found. Birashins Bulbs will release their seeds when invaders approach as a defense mechanism, at a velocity that will pierce through the hulls of R-craft. It's a very large plant that will incorporate nearby elements into its makeup; a Birashins Bulb that grows up with a healthy supply of nearby rock or metal will be a durable target. Naturally, that's where they are most often encountered.


R-Type Final

  • Class: Large Bydo
  • Designation: Giant Onion
  • HP Level: 4
  • Location: Twisted Ecology

Giant plant-like Bydo. Birashins are spores at first, then they combine with their surroundings - even metal. They also combine with each other to create a larger organism. It scatters seeds with its head. Seeds become Birashins Sprouts. The spores are released from these sprouts.

R-Type Command

The Belacinth contains both the Birashins Bulb and Birashins Root.


Bh-Bls Belacinth -Amphibio Fort-

Marine Bydo that preys on anything that approaches. Launches foam from its tail or seeds from its head.

  • HP: 160
  • ACE HP: 189
  • Fuel: 100
  • Radar: 4
  • Speed: 0
  • Evade: 5%


This unit can only be obtained through hacking.



Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Belaseed 30 45 Air:3-6 50% A/B Guided Seed-like fragments released from Belacinth's head. A long-range weapon that can pose difficulties.

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