Bat is a stationary laser turret. It will track incoming targets and fire along one of the eight major trajectories. The turret fires a stream of double-shot laser bolts, hammering anything with fire that comes in range. They're moderately durable, and pilots will have to blow up at least one to get past the wall of Bats.


Image Fight

The bats appear only during the Penalty Stage of Image Fight. In R-Type Final, the stage Wherever bears a resemblance to this stage.

R-Type Final

  • Class: Bydo
  • Designation: Demon Fighter
  • HP Level: 3
  • Location: Wherever

When an enemy is detected, it shoots high-speed lasers. They attack in groups overpowering enemies. It used to be a training vehicle, but horrible power was added and it was sent to wage war.

See Also

Related Development

  • Photon Dorney, another training craft that was converted to a war machine.

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