This is as defensive a Wave Cannon as it gets; it's very nature makes it nearly useless as an offensive attack. Discharge of this "weapon" creates a shield composed of geometrical shapes in front of the fighter. Though the barrier doesn't move with the fighter and pilots can pass through the barrier unimpeded, weaker enemies and projectiles will be destroyed by the barrier. Stronger foes will simply plow through the barrier shield.

Barrier Wave Cannon

A full 2-loop charge results in a wide barrier easily providing cover for the fighter.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Creates a honeycomb structure Barrier Block (force-field). Low velocity (or low force) enemy projectiles can be blocked.

Normally found on the R-9B Strider.

R-Type Command

This weapon shows up as the "Barricade" block possessed by the R-9B1 Strider.

Barrier Wave Cannon II

The upgraded version of the Barrier Wave Cannon grants an additional loop, which yields two full rows of shielding when discharged.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. The number of Barrier Blocks were increased. Sustained Block time was also investigated, but budget constraints terminated further research.

The long-range ships R-9B2 Stayer and R-9B3 Sleipnir were equipped with this for defensive purposes.

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