Resembling a Bydo more than any other R-craft, this "ship" is more scaled serpent than fighter. The Arvanche was a daring step forward in research for the Space Corps; along with its successor, the B-5A Claw Claw, it tested the tough armored hide of Bydo in combat as applied to Space Corps fighters.


Pilots can unlock this ship by logging in 30 minutes of flight time after obtaining the B-3C Sexy Dynamite.


[Scale Armor Prototype]

Tests the viability of using hard Bydo skin in the frame. The exterior is covered with sterilized Bydo scales.



Bit Device




Wave Cannon

It's called the Avanc in this mission, and is a highly defensive fighter. Between the Scale Guard and Heal ability, it's very hard to destroy it.


BXf-4 Avanc -Living Module-

Fighter-type unit lined with scale armor, which has relatively high resilience.

Units: 5

Fuel: 40

Radar: 3

Speed: 4

Evade: 35%


Force Enabled (Scale Force)



Scale Armor

110 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power Range Hit ACE Hit Use Type Notes
Bydo Shot 99 10 1-1 45% 53% A/C Machine Gun Standard Bydo weapon. Has short range and low power, but limitless ammunition.
Oculoids 8 35 2-2 40% 47% A/C Guided Eyeball-shaped explosive Bydo. High destructive power, but low accuracy.
Scale Guard 6 50 2-4 85% 100% BLC Vector Scattered energy shards that can intercept and destroy incoming missiles.
Force Enabled
Scaleshot 14 40 2-2 38% 44% A/C Optical Short-range, scale-like laser emitted from the Scale Force.
Scalegun 14 35 2-2 45% 53% A/C Vector Melee-range, scale-like laser emitted from the Scale Force.
Scalelance 18 45 1-1 60% 70% A/B Optical Long-range, scale-like laser emitted from the Scale Force. Can be used for offense and defense.

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