BCS-Nth Nozari

The BCS-Nth Nozari, as it appears in R-Type Command/Tactics

Type Carrier Morphon
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Command/Tactics
Status In Use
Primary User Bydo
The Nozari is a basic Bydo carrier. As is typical with most Bydo, this is biomechanical creature, toughened to withstand the rigors of interstellar travel. Despite these natural defenses, it's a weak craft that needs constant protection to survive. Nonetheless, it's invaluable for a mobile Bydo attack force.


BCS-Nth Nozari -Carrier Morphon-

Medium-sized biofortress capable of docking units to repair and resupply them. Carries a decoy function.

HP: 130

Fuel: 50

Radar: 4

Speed: 2

Evade: 0%


Carry x2

Decoy Enabled



Mark of Resurrection

200 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Fluid 65 12 1-1 50% A/C Secretion Gushes forward when fired. Low range, but relatively high damage capacity compared to Bydo Shots and shells.

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