B-Fmt2 Fine Motion II -Rapid Fort-

A mobile assault ship which rams enemies with its durable shell. Can convert the enemy's remains into resources.


HP: 210

Fuel: 55

Charge: 2 Turns

Radar: 4

Speed: 3

Evade: 15%


Unit available only through the DLC, can be downloaded from last option on the menu provided you have LAN connection.


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
G-Field 8 35 42 3-5 65% ATK Particle Gravity field created when the Fine Motion opens. Destroyed or damaged units are converted to resources.
Bloom Rush 99 80 95 1-1 75% ATk Ram The Fine Motion's unique ramming attack. Difficult to counter or dodge due to its big size. Cannot intercept because it lacks range.
Fine Laser II 2 Turns 145 172 --- 85% ATK Piercing A powerful laser that charges up internally and is released when the Fine Motion opens.

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