Description: Kombiler

B-BS-Cnb2 Kombiler Bela -Battleship-

Evolved Kombiler, larger in size. Armed with a wider ranged, more power gun and fat missiles with a higher attack range.

HP: 300

Ace HP: 354

Fuel: 100

Radar: 7

Speed: 2

Evade: 5%


Carry x5

Bow Gun 3 Turns


Main Weapon


  • Flagship L
  • Flagship L+
  • Foreboding
  • 1x Compiler
  • 60 Solonium
  • 60 Etherium
  • 60 Bydogen

Armaments: Kombiler

Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Track Beam B II 35 40 3-6 75% A/B Vector Homing lasers that can intercept enemy fire from both sides of Kombiler.

Description: Fragarach Gun

B-BS-Cnb2 Fragarach Gun II -Positron Cannon-

Bow gun of Kombiler Bela. Charge weapon named Fragarach Gun II

HP: 170

Fuel: 100

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 3%


Charge Enabled

Armaments: Fragarach Gun


Name Ammo Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Fragarach Gun 3 Turns 221 261 --- 100% ATK Particle Mounted beam weapon on the Kombiler. Has a higher damage output and range than the Boldo's Caladbolg Cannon.

Description: Fat Missile H II

B-BSCnb2 Fat Missile H II -Missile Launcher-

Missile launch port of Kombiler Bela. Can also be used for interception.

HP: 130

Fuel: 100

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 3%

Armaments: Fat Missile H


Name Ammo Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Fat Missile H II 10 66 77 3-6 78% A/B Guided Improved autonomous lipid missiles with enhanced range, power, blocking capacity.

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