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B-3C Sexy Dynamite
B-3C Sexy Dynamite

The B-3C Sexy Dynamite, as it appears in R-Type Final.

Type Fighter
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors BX-2 Platonic Love
Successor B-3C2 Sexy Dynamite II
Variants None
Among the many biotechnologies tested by the BX-T and its derivatives, one of the most unique was the discovery of J-zyme, an innate element of Bydo craft. This jelly-like substance allows for thought control of ship functions and is used to power the Wave Cannon. This is one of the ways that Bydo can take over machinery. It's still unknown what precisely the material is or how the Bydo developed it.


Pilots can unlock this ship by logging 30 minutes of flight time after obtaining the B-3B Metallic Dawn.


[Jelly Frame Experiment]

Developed to adapt the jelly-like tissue seen in some Bydo. A neural transmission catalyst named J-zyme was found in the tissue. The Bydo seem to use this substance as a mediator to control mechanical weapons. Other than the cockpit, the unit is almost entirely composed of J-zyme. In comparison to the R-9A, handling is improved 40%.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

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