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B-3A Misty Lady
B-3A Misty Lady

The B-3A Misty Lady, as it appears in R-Type Final.

Type Test Model
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors BX-2 Platonic Love
Successor B-3A2 Misty Lady II
Variants None
This was an experiment in defensive technology. Since ships in the R-Series lack energy shields of any kind, protection is limited to ablative armor, interception attacks, and evasive maneuvers. The Misty Lady attempted a fourth defensive measure, to create a layer of diffusive fog around the ship which would provide both camouflage and diffusive protection against optical weapons. However, the test wasn't successful enough for an initial deployment of this fighter.


Flying the BX-2 Platonic Love for a total of 5 minutes will unlock this ship.


[Fog Defense Experiment]

Designed to test a new defense system. More than just camouflage, the fog was supposed to diffuse beam weapon attacks. Fog generation proved to be unstable, and the unit was never deployed in battle.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

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