The last evolution of the B-1D series based off the BX-T Dantalion was tested to raise the Bydo coefficent even higher by incorporating more Bydo biotechnology. Though a stronger Wave Cannon was achieved, side effects on pilots could no longer be minimized, and the project came to a halt.


Pilots must log 15 minutes' flight time with B-1D2 Bydo System Beta to unlock this ship.


[Final Bydo Mutant]

The last unit in the B-1D series. Attempts to raise the Bydo coefficient were ceased when effects on pilots could not minimized.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon


Bwd-1Dγ Bydo System γ -Living Module-

Ultimate Bydo element coated ship with thicker armor and self-repairing properties. [Attachment: Bydo Force]


Units: 5

Fuel: 52

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 2

Speed: 3+

Evade: 32%


Force Enabled (Bydo Force)

Charge Enabled




Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Notes
Bydo Shot 99 10 11 1-1 45% A/C Machine Gun Standard Bydo weapon. Has short range and low power, but limitless ammunition.
Oculoids 8 35 41 2-2 40% A/C Guided Eyeball-shaped explosive Bydo. High destructive power, but low accuracy.
Devil Wave III 3 Turn 94 110 --- 100% ATK Particle The ultimate version of the particle cannon whose payload curves around from the rear. Nearby units take heavy damage.
Force Enabled
Gondlan Lsr 14 35 41 2-2 30% A/C Optical Lasers which use Gondlan's life energy for power. Above-average power and range, but low accuracy.
Gauper Lsr 14 28 33 2-2 65% A/C Vector Lasers which use Gauper's life energy for power. High accuracy, but low power.
Nozari Lsr 18 40 47 1-1 50% A/C Optical Lasers which use Nozari's life energy for power. Moderate power and accuracy, but low range.

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