B-1D2 Bydo System Beta
B-1D2 Bydo System β

The B-1D2 Bydo System Beta, as it appears in R-Type Final

Type Fighter
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors B-1D Bydo System Alpha
Successor B-1D3 Bydo System Gamma
Variants None
Once the Space Corps got their hands on the initial B-1D Bydo System Alpha, they wasted little time in reverse-engineering the Bydo biotechnology. Soon afterwards, this fighter was produced with an improved Wave Cannon.

' Requirements:'

Flying the B-1D Bydo System Alpha for 5 minutes unlocks this ship.


[Bydo Mutant Prototype]

An armored version of the B-1D. The cockpit from the R-9K Sunday Strike was used so a pilot could ride inside the unit. The physical effect of interfacing and psychological impact of the appearance were concerns. Worries were set aside, however, and the unit was developed with its evil appearance intact.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

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