The third model of the Digitalius series was actually a great success, but the craft never saw combat.


This ship requires 15 minutes of flight time with B-1A2 Digitalius II to unlock.


[Vegetation Synthesis Combat Model]

The final model in the plant-like Bydo armor series. Its Bydo Logistic system preserves the armor by imitating Bydo physiology. The armor changes toughness as needed, thereby reducing nutrient solution usage. It was never deployed due to the narcotic nature of the solution and fears of system failure.



Bit Device




Wave Cannon


Bwf-1A3 Jigitarius 3 -Bio Unit-

Unit with a structure similar to plants. Can self-repair. [Attachment: Flower Force]


Units: 5

Fuel: 40

Charge: 2 Turn

Radar: 3

Speed: 3+

Evade: 35%


Force Enabled (Flower Force)

Charge Enabled




Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Notes
Eye Missile+ 8 47 56 2-2 50% A/C Guided Improved weapon that emits explosive Bydo parts shaped like eyeballs. Although power is high, accuracy is slightly lower.
Seed Gun II 2 Turns 70 83 --- 100% ATK Physical Ultra high-power cannon, condensing Bydo life force. Seed-like energy shoots out of the plant, damaging the target. Charge Weapon.
Force Enabled
Seed Cannon 5 48 57 1-1 40% A/C Optical Attack performed by an attached Flower Force, resulting in highly compressed Bydo life energy being shot out as a runaway seed.
Spike Laser 14 35 42 2-2 60% A/C Vector Attack from the tentacles of an attached Flower Force, which continuously fires thorn-like energy.
Flower Swing 14 35 42 2-2 75% A/C Vector Attack from the tentacles of an attached Flower Force, which releases petal-shaped Bydo energy.

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